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neural computations in social behavior

understanding emotional states and neuropsychiatric disorders through the lens of dynamical systems and computational neuroscience

I'm a PhD candidate in david anderson's lab at caltech and a graduate fellow of the agency of science, technology and research (a*star), singapore, where I combine experimental and theoretical tools to understand social behavior. I'm also mentored by ann kennedy at northwestern university and scott linderman at stanford university. At graduate school, I hope to redefine the way we think of emotional behaviors and neuropsychiatric disorders by studying emotions like aggression in a variety of model systems, from mice to jellyfish, through the lens of dynamical systems and machine learning. I'm passionate about changing the narrative of mental health and by re-conceptualizing mental disorders with the computational properties of neural circuits in mind, I hope we can begin embracing the diversity in how these disorders are expressed.

I obtained my undergraduate degree from the national university of singapore, where I worked on integrating experimental and computational tools to study molecular pathways in Parkinson's Disease with lim kah leong. I also worked on dissecting microcircuits of the striatum with gilad silberberg at the karolinska institute as an erasmus scholar. I also spent a year working with george augustine on the co-release of neuromodulators from the basal forebrain.

Contact me over email at or on twitter and find my CV here.